Social Grace

What gift can you give your child that will  last a lifetime? Good Manners. In today’s era unfortunately good manners are sometimes lacking, but they should not be. Did you know that increasing your child’s social etiquette will help them in building self-confidence that will promote future successes in all aspects of their life? Through this interactive course, which is conducted by A Touch of Etiquette, both male and female children will learn the value of etiquette skills including, Manners at Home Away from Home, School  Etiquette, Conversation Skills, Internet E-Mail Etiquette, Introductions Handshakes, Telephone Manners, What Makes a Good Listener, and Why Etiquette Matters.

Class includes A Touch of Etiquette workbook that will be a useful reference to the information learned within this course.

Social Etiquette

  • Introductions and Handshakes
  • Personal Presentation
  • Manners at Home and Away from Home
  • Etiquette in Public Places
  • School Etiquette
  • Telephone Skills
  • Internet Etiquette
  • Thank You Notes
  • Giving and Receiving
  • Job Interviewing

Dining Dynamics

How Confident are you in your children’s knowledge of dining etiquette? Do you know which fork goes with which dish? Do they know the correct table setting or how to handle dining oops? Through this interactive course, which is conducted by A Touch of Etiquette, your children will learn all these answers and much more. Some of the dining skills covered will include the History/ Introduction to Dining, Napkins, Formal & Informal Table Settings, European vs. American Style, Proper Ways to Eating Each Course, De-Stressing Mealtime Moments, Eating Difficult Foods, and Dining Hints & Tips.

Cost of the class includes A Touch of Etiquette workbook that will be a useful reference to the information learned within this course.

Dining Etiquette

  • Silverware, China, Crystal
  • Formal Table Setting
  • Before the Meal
  • Posture at the Table
  • Proper Table Talk
  • Ordering Meals and Menu Use
  • Napkins
  • Continental and American Dining
  • Eating Each Course
  • Difficult to Eat Foods
  • Dining Do’s and Don’ts
  • The Proper Toast
  • Gracious Host Gracious Guest

My Best Foot Forward

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  • Posture
  • Standing/Walking/Pivoting
  • Sitting
  • Body Language
  • Personal Presentation
  • Body/Skin Care
  • Grooming
  • Style

Manners 101 for Scouts

This 90 min class will earn your troop their manners badge! Class content highlights include:

  • Why Manners Matter
  • Introductions
  • Conversations/Listening
  • Setting the Table
  • Coming to the Table
  • Utensil Technique
  • Gracious guest/ Gracious host